Thrifting with Ro #3

My thrifting BFF Rosalie just got back from a trip to Pennsylvania where she hit a motherload of Pyrex and other vintage kitchen treasures.  Here’s her rundown…
I wanted to share with everyone my latest adventure in another state that yielded a great haul!  Every year I visit my grandma and Italian relatives in the small town of Ellwood City, Pennsylvania.  My grandma is 92 years old so pretty much our trip consists of alot of eating and talking.  One lazy day I ended up rummaging through my grandma’s house (like a true hunter, no place is off limits).  I only recently started heavily collecting Pyrex so I thought I should see if she had any lying around.  She has Corelle plates, bowls, and cups in the Butterfly Gold print so I figured Pyrex may be near.  Boy was I in for a treat!  Inside my grandma’s tiny kitchen were a red refrigerator container and the complete primary color nesting bowl set, including two extra yellow bowls!  
As you can imagine I was completely freaking out.  I never remembered any of those bowls and my grandma explained she hadn’t used them in years because they were too heavy for her.  I decided to continue searching in the basement because surely there were more treasures to be found!  After digging through a cabinet I found an old hydrochloric acid jar.  I thought it belonged to my dad but after asking my grandma, she told me it belonged to my grandpa.  I always knew he worked in a steel-tube mill but apparently he worked in the lab there.  I had no idea he was a lab technician and my grandma responded, “He always said, ‘I don’t know what the heck I’m doing in there!’”  That sounds safe right?  
I went back down to the basement and opened another cabinet that contained a glass punch bowl and cups.  I got a glimpse of what I thought was milk glass.  Carefully, I moved the cups and found the most exciting treasure…a pink gooseberry fridgie!  As you know from my previous post, I found a couple of these at an estate sale for just $2 and now this one was free!  All I need now is the larger refrigerator container and my pink gooseberry refrigerator collection will be complete!  I felt kind of bad pocketing my grandma’s things but she was more than happy to get rid of it.  

The next day, my sister and I checked out a consignment store in a neighboring town that I thought might be a potential hot spot.  As soon as we walked in I headed straight for the dishware and immediately found a large orange Pyrex refrigerator dish with the lid.  After more digging I ended up with a small yellow mixing bowl and a Butterfly Gold casserole dish.  My sister spotted a complete Old Orange Cinderella nesting bowl set that I had to pass on because at this point my luck was getting to be a packing nightmare.  The glassware was half off so I ended spending $7 for it all. 

The next day my sister and I, and a very bored brother in law in tow, went to some garage sales.  I just couldn’t stop!  The first sale we stopped at was quite possibly one of the best I have ever been to.  They had old trunks for $8, awesome yellow chairs for $5, and of course, Pyrex!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t buy anything large, like those chairs, which was very painful for me.  I did find another Butterfly Gold dish but this was a larger casserole dish with the most awesome lid.  

When we got back to my grandma’s house, the panic set in.  What did I do?  How in the world was I going to get all of this junk home to Texas?  I debated buying a suitcase but didn’t want to spend a lot of money so I ended up going back to the same garage sale the next day and bought a small carry-on bag for $2.  My mother helped smuggle a few bowls in her luggage and I managed to carefully pack all of the rest in the bag.  Of course, the bag did not have a shoulder strap and was extremely heavy, but I was a champ and carried it through the airports all day long!  I am happy to report that every single item made it home in one piece.  I learned a valuable lesson about always bringing an extra bag for found treasures!  

 I was so excited with all of my finds, but it makes me even happier that most of it was given to me by my grandma.  Using her Corelle plates throughout the years was probably why I have a love for milk glass and all things Pyrex.  Of course the true excitement of the trip was just spending time with my grandma.  Thanks Rose for your amazing treasures


Rosalie was texting me pictures of her finds while she was up there and all I kept telling her was she has to go get another bag and bring it all back with her, just has to!  I also told her to get those sweet $5 yellow chairs no matter what, but no such luck :(How cute is her grandmother?!  Such a good family trip Ro!!

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24 thoughts on “Thrifting with Ro #3

  1. My sister and I love going to thrift stores and consignment shops. It sounds like you really had an awesome day of finding some good stuff.

  2. It seems like everytime she goes she finds something awesome, she just has the knack :) I bet you and your sister have so much fun!

    1. It is even that much more fun to use those items, huh?! I have my grandmother’s Kitchenaid stand mixer and it makes me happy every time I pull it out :)

  3. Oh…what amazing finds…and them being from our Grandma, makes them even sweeter. I have recently become OBSESSED with Pyrex, it is just so pretty, and it reminds me of my childhood, they just don’t make dishes like they used to, I will take a Pyrex refrigerator dish over plastic storage container any day! Thank you so much for sharing with us at Party in Your PJS.

    1. Amen sister!!! I can’t wait till she gets her cottage-y kitchen makeover done and it’s all on display, will be sharing that for sure!

    2. I am glad I am not the only one obsessed! I really do use my Pyrex all of the time. Of course there are some pieces that are off limits!

  4. That gold chair looks an awful lot like the ones I bought in the last year from Pier One. I love the look. I also grew up with some chairs that color. Love how what is vintage becomes totally in style again if you just give it time.

  5. Love old glassware!! Thanks for linking up to Pin Worthy Wednesday, I have pinned your post to the Pin Worthy Wednesday Pinterest Board. :-)

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